Grounded Hops

The Grounded Hops exercise is a dynamic and engaging way to tap into the foot's inherent elastic properties. This exercise is designed to train your foot to absorb, store, and recoil energy with each hop, a process that translates seamlessly to high-cadence activities like running.

Utilizing the elastic properties of the body is the most energy-efficient way to move, as no oxygen is required in the process. Highly trained athletes are able to maximize the use of their elastic tissues to increase output while minimizing metabolic demands.

For instance, research has shown that around 17% of the energy turnover in the stance phase of running comes from the elastic recoil of the foot arch. Furthermore, a whopping 35% of the energy turnover is attributed to the Achilles tendon, without even taking into account all the other assisting connective tissues.

Combined with all the other passive structures, it's reasonable to say that more than 50% of the energy turnover during the stance phase is derived from the elastic energy potential of the plantar fascia, ligaments, and tendons in the legs and feet.

So, by becoming proficient in exercises like Grounded Hops, we can significantly reduce the energy demands for all running-type movements. This not only increases our ability to perform well, but also limits our risk of developing overuse injuries.