20 Cheap barefoot Shoes That Look Great

Authors: Christopher Ioannou | Updated on: February 6, 2024
The most affordable barefoot shoes

Think all barefoot shoes cost a fortune?

Think again!

We've rounded up 20 of the most affordable unisex barefoot shoes – All under $100.

$90-99 Range

Xero – Prio Neo

πŸ”— Mens | πŸ”— Womens

Xero Shoes – Prio Neo

Xero has revamped their bestseller, the Prio, into the Prio Neo. It's the Prio you love, but lighter and with premium materials perfect for training. A must-try if you're a fan of the original.

Xero – Dillon

πŸ”— Mens | πŸ”— Womens

Xero Shoes - Dillon Barefoot Sneakers

Xero's take on the classic sneaker. The Dillon has style, but they're snug in the front, so we're eagerly awaiting Dillon 2.0 for a roomier fit.

FeelGrounds – Droptop

πŸ”— Mens | πŸ”— Womens *price increase

Feelgrounds - Droptop Slip-on Barefoot Shoes

The highlight? Ultra-light soles that offer a sensory experience that is some of the best in the barefoot shoe space.

FiveFingers – KSO

πŸ”— Mens | πŸ”— Womens

FiveFingers - KSO  - Barefoot Shoes

If you can embrace their unique style, they offer unmatched functionality.

They're a hybrid of a toe spacer and a shoe, and with over 15 years in the market, they have a dedicated fanbase.

Wildling – Feder

πŸ”— Mens | πŸ”— Womens | πŸ”— Kids
*Free shipping Code β†’ WN_strength01

Wildling - Feder - Barefoot Sandals

If you're into Wildling's designs, you'll love the flexible sole with its center slit. Not my personal fashion pick, but kids love them, mine included.

Saguaro – Dream I

πŸ”— Mens | πŸ”— Womens
*10% Discount Code β†’ BFS10

Saguaro dream I - Smart/Casual Barefoot Shoes

A rare find in the barefoot world – a smart-casual shoe that's surprisingly affordable.

As a veteran of reviewing barefoot shoes, I'm thoroughly impressed by what Saguaro offers at this price.

Now, let's dive into what the lower price brackets have in store!

$80-89 Range

Xero Hana

πŸ”— Mens

Xero Shoes - Hana - Mens Hemp Barefoot shoes

Meet the Xero Hana, akin to your standard slip-on but with a twist - laces for a custom fit. Slip in and out with ease once they're set.

Enhanced stability from their Huarache strap system, and a breathable Hemp upper with a water-resistant finish, make the Hana a versatile choice.

Xero Prio

πŸ”— Mens | πŸ”— Womens

Xero Prio - All-purpose Barefoot Shoes

Xero's bestseller, the Prio, is the Swiss Army knife of shoes. Smart enough for pairing with jeans and rugged enough for trail runs, it also features a reflective Huarache strap for safer night runs.

Origo - Everyday Cotton Canvas

πŸ”— Mens | πŸ”— Womens
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Origo - Cotton Canvas Barefoot Shoes

The Origo Everyday Cotton Canvas offers a sophisticated yet sporty look, enhancing their versatility. This multi-functionality is a highlight we'll explore further in our 'Value for Money Equation' segment.

Forestep l – Saguaro

πŸ”— Mens | πŸ”— Womens
*10% Discount Code β†’ BFS10

blog image

The Forestep l by Seguaro challenges the Xero Prio. While Prio leads slightly in sole grip and reflective elements, Seguaro counters with a more wallet-friendly price and a roomier toe box. It's a tight competition between the two.

Next up, let's explore the $70 range!

$70-79 Range

Saguaro – Wish I

πŸ”— Mens | πŸ”— Womens
*10% Discount Code β†’ BFS10

Saguaro Wish 1 - Casual barefoot shoes

The Wish I offers a sleek, low-key design, steering clear of the barefoot shoe world's occasional clown-foot aesthetic. It's a breath of fresh air for those seeking subtlety.

Saguaro – Forestep III

πŸ”— Mens | πŸ”— Womens
*10% Discount Code β†’ BFS10

Saguaro – Forestep III barefoot shoes

The Forestep III combines simplicity with high performance, making it an ideal choice for training, trail adventures, or any other physical activity.

Splay – Freestyle

πŸ”— Mens | πŸ”— Womens
*10% Discount Code β†’ BFS10

blog image

To cap off this range, we present the Splay Freestyle, the barefoot world's answer to Vans. For former Vans enthusiasts like myself, these are a nostalgic yet upgraded find.

What's even cooler? They come in kids' sizes too, making them a family-friendly pick for those who love the classic Vans style with a barefoot twist.

$60-69 Range

Xero – Aptos

πŸ”— Mens | πŸ”— Womens

Xero Aptos - Hemp slip-on barefoot shoes

The Aptos are a testament to sustainability and comfort, crafted from hemp for exceptional odor resistance and eco-friendliness.

Xero – Sunrise Slip-ons

πŸ”— Mens | πŸ”— Womens

Xero – Sunrise Slip-on barefoot shoes

Meet the Sunrise, Xero's lightest shoe featuring a synthetic upper. Its collapsible heel transforms it into a versatile hybrid slider – a creative blend of style and practicality.

Saguaro – Smart I

πŸ”— Mens | πŸ”— Womens
*10% Discount Code β†’ BFS10

Saguaro Smart I - Barefoot Shoes for Fitness

Rounding out this range is Saguaro's Smart I. These training shoes boast an 11% spandex stretch in the upper, ensuring comfort and ease in slipping on and off. A perfect fit for active lifestyles, they're a workout session essential.

$50-59 Range

Whitten – W85

πŸ”— Mens | πŸ”— Womens

Whitten W85 - Cheap barefoot shoes

Leading off in this value-packed category is the W85 by Whitin. These shoes defy their modest price with high style and quality.

The premium stretchy knit upper offers top-tier comfort, rivaling much pricier alternatives.

Saguaro – Vitality IV and Dive III

πŸ”— Mens | πŸ”— Womens
*10% Discount Code β†’ BFS10

Saguaro Vitality IV and Dive III - Water Barefoot shoes

Wrapping up this range are the Vitality III and Dive III from Saguaro. While they sport a water-shoe aesthetic, their comfort level is unparalleled.

With stretchy uppers, spacious toe boxes, and soles that truly embody the barefoot feel, these shoes are ideal.

Personally tested in running and gym scenarios, they stand out as my top pick for anyone starting in general fitness training.

Under $50 Range


πŸ”— Mens | πŸ”— Womens
*10% Discount Code β†’ BFS10

Baresocks - shoe-socks for water and sports

We present the budget-friendly champion of the barefoot universe: Baresocks.

They may not be "shoes" in the traditional sense, but Baresocks ingeniously merges the best of socks and shoes into a delightful foot-smoothie.

These ultra-flexible, foot-shaped shoe-socks bring you a step closer to the true barefoot experience.

For the complete list of barefoot shoe brands we recommend, check out our Find My Shoes Page.

Christopher Ioannou

BSc (Hons) Sports & Exercise Science

Founder of Barefoot Strength