6 Best Value For Money Barefoot Shoes

Authors: Christopher Ioannou | Updated on: December 7, 2023

In the realm of footwear, barefoot shoes have emerged as a distinct category, offering a unique combination of comfort, health benefits, and a natural sensation often missing in traditional shoes.

Yet, with a myriad of choices at hand, identifying the pair that delivers the most value for your investment becomes a critical question. It goes beyond mere price tags.

Cheap Vs Expensive Barefoot Shoes

In this blog post, we're excited to present the 'Shoe Value for Money Equation' – a strategic method to assess the worth of barefoot shoes beyond their initial cost.

This tailored formula enables you to precisely gauge the real value of any shoe, ensuring your next purchase provides the perfect balance of both quality and affordability.

Additionally, we'll be sharing our specially selected list of the top value-for-money barefoot shoes.

Shoe Value for Money Equation

Shoe Value for Money Equation

Have you ever considered if higher-priced shoes might actually provide better value compared to more budget-friendly alternatives? It's a valid question, and to help you uncover the true worth of any shoe, we've devised a simple yet effective formula.

Shoe Value Β = (Durability + Multi-Use) x Satisfaction

  1. Durability: It's all about cost per wear.

    Say you buy shoes for $100 and wear them 100 daysβ€”that's $1 a day. Compare this to a $150 pair lasting 300 days, dropping the cost to 50 cents per wear. The idea? More wear for your buck means better value, regardless of the initial price.

  2. Multi-Functionality: Specialty shoes that see limited use don't always justify their cost.

    Opt for versatile shoes that work for hiking, running, gym, and casual wear. Like a Swiss Army knife, a multi-functional shoe can replace several others, offering more value.

  3. Personal Satisfaction: Often, this is what ultimately drives your purchase decision.

    This boils down to fit, comfort, style, and the emotional or ethical appeal of the brand.

Top 6 Picks for Best Value Barefoot Shoes

Check out our top 6 picks for barefoot shoes that really stand out in terms of value for money, as per our Shoe Value for Money Equation.

Xero Prio All-Day SR

πŸ”— Mens | πŸ”— Womens

Xero Prio Leather

The Xero Prio All-Day SR offers a nice balance between durability and style.

These shoes are made with full-grain leather, which not only looks good but also adds a bit of extra resistance to water – handy for those unexpected puddles. The leather is a bonus for keeping odors in check too.

What's neat about the sole is its chevron tread; it's designed to handle a variety of surfaces well.

While they're a tad more expensive than the original Prio model, if you're looking for a shoe that can keep up with different aspects of your daily routine, the All-Day SR could be a solid option.

Primus Trail III FG - All-Weather

πŸ”— Mens | πŸ”— Womens
*15% Discount Code β†’ BAREFOOT15

Vivobarefoot Primus Trail Fg - All-weather

In our view, the Primus Trail III FGs are the Swiss Army Knife of the barefoot shoe world.

They excel on diverse terrains with their grippy soles and water-repellent uppers. They're perfectly balanced for running, robust for gym sessions, and stylish enough to pair with jeans.

These all-rounders truly embody versatility and adaptability.

Vivobarefoot - Asana II

πŸ”— Int. Shop | πŸ”— UK Shop

Vivobarefoot Asana Ii

The Vivobarefoot Asana II, a more sophisticated offering from Vivobarefoot, presents its second-generation model with an emphasis on premium quality.

Crafted with wool and leather, these casual sneakers not only promise enhanced durability but also superior odor resistance compared to synthetic materials.

They are an excellent choice for those seeking premium casual shoes that will stand the test of time.

Splay Freestyle Leather

πŸ”— Mens | πŸ”— Womens
*10% Discount Code β†’ BFS10

Splay Leather

The Splay Freestyle Leather takes the well-loved features of the standard Splay Freestyle and elevates them with a leather upper. This upgrade makes them more resistant to wear and tear, but also makes them easier to keep clean, ensuring they maintain their fresh look for longer.

Priced just over $100, these shoes are an excellent choice for those seeking a casual, everyday barefoot shoe with a touch of elegance and longevity.

Saguaro Dream III

πŸ”— Mens | πŸ”— Womens
*10% Discount Code β†’ BFS10

Saguaro Dream Iii

The Saguaro Dream III is a prominent player in the smart-casual barefoot shoe category.

Priced just over $100, these shoes boast a competitive edge in looks, comfort, and quality, holding their own against pricier alternatives like the Vivobarefoot RA III.

Saguaro has successfully crafted a pair of shoes that offer exceptional value for money in its class.

Lems Boulder Boot

πŸ”— Mens | πŸ”— Womens

Lems Boulder Boot

The Lems Boulder Boot concludes our top 6 value-for-money barefoot shoes list.

Featuring a sole that's slightly thicker than typical barefoot shoes, they're perfect for those transitioning to minimalist footwear. This added sole thickness enhances their suitability for a range of outdoor activities, including hiking.

With a neutral design that complements various fashion styles and water resistance for all-season practicality, these boots are a versatile and sensible choice for most.

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Christopher Ioannou

BSc (Hons) Sports & Exercise Science

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